Cinégrafismo the exhibition, the first project of la tribu grafik*, offers a showcase for the development of use of the graphic arts to promote Cuban and Quebec film. Over the course of a year, we initiated an unusual and creative dialogue that has led to the creation of these startling, original film posters. The process was elegant and simple: we selected six graphic artists and designers from Cuba and from six Quebec, combining them with a selection of six Cuban filmmakers and six Quebec directors of short films or documentaries. Each designer was asked to produce a poster design for a film from his or her culture and one from that of the other. The results are seen in these twenty-four works of differing sensibilities: representational, illustrative, but mostly fascinatingly expressive (and distinct) artistic responses to one’s own culture and to than of another. The challenge was great, as the two groups knew little of the graphic design culture of the other. Nevertheless, each designer was able to express an aspect of the unknown force lines, colour palettes or typographical treatments. While these works do reveal a certain common sensibility, there are all excitingly diverse conceptual choices, and their creators – Cuban and Quebecois – enrich and expand through graphic design the visions of the film directors. We were thought to have a degree of naiveté in thinking that such a project could attract the interest of film distributors, who sometimes select questionable visual concepts and are reserved in the face of original poster design proposals. We disagree.

We hope that this exhibition will boost the desire to change things and, by doing so, bring that change.

Cinégrafismo project could not have been realized without this extraordinary team of collaborators: Marc H. Choko, Paul Tana, Laurent Pinabel, Pepe Menéndez, Jorge Iglésias, Flor de Lis López Hernández; and the support of our sponsors. Today we would like to thank Cinéma du Parc to showcase and support the project.

Valérie Yobé

* La tribu grafik is a non -profit organization dedicated to supporting emerging designer and graphic projects with a social and cultural impact.