<p hidden>5.</p> PARC AT MIDNIGHT: THE LURE (EST)
Presented in collaboration withFANTASIA .

"One enchanted evening in early ’80s Warsaw, Poland, famished heart-eating sister sirens Golden (Michalina Olszanska) and Silver (Marta Mazurek) emerge from the sea in search of prey. They soon find themselves joining an erotic discotheque act, enabling them to use their transformative mermaid skills as a rather ultimate dancer performance attribute. They call their act “The Lure”. The plan is to stay in human form temporarily in order to explore earthly experiences, but things become complicated when Silver develops feelings for her act’s bass player, setting forth a grotesque and beautiful chain of events best left for you to discover.

Here it is, people, the disco mermaid stripper horror/musical/comedy/drama/romance/coming-of-age adult fable you’ve been waiting your entire life for. A poetic and visually extravagant exploration of femininity and girlhood steeped in a vibrant, magical atmosphere that veers from the carnivalesque to the kink-spiked carnal, exploding with song, sensuality, sea water and blood in a jaw-dropping, goth-popping menagerie of invention. You’ve never seen anything like it. Director Agnieszka Smoczynska is a true original, and the mind reels to think that this is only her feature debut. Her casting instincts are every bit as inspired. Olszanska and Mazurek, both also glowing on this year’s Fantasia screen in the shattering I, OLGA HEPNAROVA, are positively captivating as the film’s troubled sirens. A singular, wickedly fun masterpiece of the unconventional, colour-drenched and pulsating with eccentric charisma, THE LURE is an exhilaratingly cool act of filmmaking whose charms are impossible to resist. SO. MUCH. WOW." — Mitch Davis for FANTASIA
Genre :  Horror comedy
Year :  2016
Length :  92 min.
Director :  Agnieszka Smoczynska
Country :  Poland
Marta Mazurek
Michalina Olszanska
Kinga Preis
Release date  31 March 2017


Upcoming screenings 

Mar 31st 23:30
Apr  1st 23:30
Apr  2nd 14:30
2017-03-24 03:30:04

In presence of Mitch Davis, co-general director and co-director of international programming at Fantasia

Friday 31 March  23:30