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On the outskirts of Brooklyn, Frankie, an aimless teenager, suffocates under the oppressive glare cast by his family and a toxic group of delinquent friends. Struggling with his own identity, Frankie begins to scour hookup sites for older men. When his chatting and webcamming intensify, he begins meeting men at a nearby cruising beach while simultaneously entering into a cautious relationship with a young woman. As Frankie struggles to reconcile his competing desires, his decisions leave him hurtling toward irreparable consequences. Eliza Hittman’s award-winning Sundance hit is a powerful character study that is as visually stunning as it is evocative.
Original title :  Beach Rats
Genre :  n/d
Year :  2017
Length :  95 min.
Director :  Eliza Hittman
Country :  United States
Harris Dickinson
Madeline Weinstein
Kate Hodge
Neal Huff
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En attente de classement
En attente de classement

subtitled in French

2017-09-19 11:41:42


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