THE SHAKESPEARE TRILOGY began as a feminist project for the stage to address the lack of representation of women in theatre, and escalated over time into a wider mission to give voice to all those feeling excluded from our culture. After a five year collaboration with actors, prisoners and members of the Clean Break Theatre company (who work with female ex-offenders using theatre as a tool for rehabilitation) I wanted to record something of the - at times - explosive nature of the work and in particular Harriet Walter’s electric screen presence.

The whole mission was to represent those who felt they had no stake in our culture and the screen version tries to capture their fury and passion. To take the viewer where they could never go to whilst sitting in the theatre, even as it was unfolding live.
Genre :  Theater
Year :  2018
Length :  170 min.
Country :  United Kingdom
2018-04-25 03:30:02


Thursday 26 18:15
Saturday 28 12:00