After having charmed audiences with the thought-through minimalism of his Rigoletto in 2016, Claus Guth returns to Paris to perform the astonishing feat of propelling Puccini’s classic into the future.

Was it because Murger had himself experienced this lifestyle in his youth? No other has ever been able to describe more vividly, in his Scènes de la vie de bohème, these penniless, starving artists prepared to burn a manuscript for a bit of fi re, dreaming of another life in the era of triumphant materialistic bourgeoisie. Taking up these scenes, Puccini presents, through the relationship between the poet Rodolfo and the fragile Mimi, a troubling story of love and a few of his most beautiful pages of opera. The stage direction of this new production is entrusted to Claus Guth, who sets the drama in a future without hope where love and art become the ultimate transcendence.
Genre :  Opera
Year :  2017
Length :  165 min.
Country :  France
Sonya Yoncheva (Mimi)
Aida Garifullina (Musetta)
Atalla Ayan (Rodolfo)
Artur Ruciński (Marcello)
Alessio Arduini (Schaunard)
Release date  12 December 2017

subtitled in English

Upcoming screenings 

Dec 12th 18:15
2017-10-17 03:30:03