Screenings of the film will be preceded by the short film STONE MAKERS by Jean-Marc E. Roy. A routine workday in a granite quarry turns surreptitiously into a captivating industrial symphony.

Cities Held Hostage is a vivid history of the enormous conglomerates that have defined North America, transformed our environment and shaped the way we live. Building on a landmark of Canadian investigative journalism about the city of Montreal, the film features the leaders in the pushback against economic behemoths that capitalize on urban sprawl while destroying the land and the landscapes we love.


Friday April 6th: Is Montreal still living in the car age?
Panelists : Pierre Gauthier, Teacher at Concordia University. Department of Geography, Planning and Environment. Jason Prince, Teacher at Concordia University. Co-authors of Montréal at the Crossroads, Superhigways, the Turcot and the environment.
Subject : The two specialists will show us how Montreal is still stuck in the car age, 50 years after the paradigm was implemented.
Genre :  Documentary
Year :  2018
Length :  45 min.
Director :  Martin Frigon
Country :  Canada
Release date  30 March 2018

English and French
subtitled in English

2018-03-18 03:30:04