The screening of this film will be preceded by the short film MUTFAGIN ÖTESI/ BEYOND THE CUISINE (30 min.)

In a field surrounded and squeezed by increasing industrialization, an immigrant family, deep in financial debt, struggles to survive through traditional farming. Their son, Ibrahim, dreams of a different future for himself. However, he finds that it is not so easy to turn a dream into reality.

Ibrahim is the youngest son of his immigrant family, which has been unable to keep up with the pace the changing times or oppressive commercial relationships. Ibrahim is surrounded by not only his family’s feudal circumstances but also the merciless system of the region.

His father, Necip, had moved to Mersin to farm vegetables many years ago and resisted change by applying traditional farming methods despite of increasing heavy debts. The eldest son, Muhittin, had long ago bowed to his father’s strict authority. However, Ibrahim is determined to find his own way. In making his own way, he risks shaming his father who is known as an honest man.

Yellow Heat aims to tell the story of people who are affected by the change of production relations and in parallel by the change of the capital.

Istanbul International Film Festival 2017
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Editing
Best Director of Photography
Best Film

Malatya International Film Festival 2017
Best Director
Best Editing
Best Supporting Actor

Moscow International Film Festival 2017
Silver St. George Best Director
Year :  2017
Length :  115 min.
Country :  Turkey
Release date  27 May 2018

subtitled in English

Upcoming screenings 

May 27th 19:00
2018-05-21 03:30:06