By Maren Ade director of TONI ERDMANN.

Silver Bear, Berlin Film Festival 2009
Best Actress Award, Berlin Film Festival 2009
Best Director and FIPRESCI awards at the Buenos Aires International Film Festival 2009

In this edgy comedy drama from director Maren Ade, Chris (Lars Eidinger) and Gitti (Birgit Minichmayr) are a couple whose relationship has more than its share of ups and downs; she works as a publicist for a rock group whose career is going nowhere in particular, while he's an architect who hasn't been able to persuade anyone to build one of his designs just yet. While Gitti's career isn't much, it's enough to give her head-of-the-household status, to Chris' chagrin. Chris and Gitti are spending some time at his well-to-do family's summer home in Sardinia, and they seem to be getting along relatively well until they meet another couple vacationing nearby, Hans (Hans-Jochen Wagner) and Sana (Nicole Marischka). Hans is an architect like Chris, but unlike Chris his career is in high gear, while Sana is a well-respected artist. Hans isn't afraid to display his alpha-male status in their relationship, and Chris' attempts to emulate him add to the tension between him and Gitti, while she isn't sure what to make of a couple who seem so outwardly happy.

"Like Cassavetes' A Woman Under the Influence, Ade's film is as unpredictable and ambiguous as it is raw." -MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE

“Brilliant dissection of a relationship and, more subtly, of class relations in contemporary Germany.” - The Hollywood Reporter

“Ms. Minichmayr and Mr. Eidinger are beautifully matched and so believable as a couple that you never doubt their intimacy or the emotions of their characters. They fit together as easily as they slip apart, with a naturalness that is rare on the screen… the film’s uninflected realism and unforced beauty alone make it worthy of exploring and revisiting.” - New York Times
Original title :  Alle Anderen
Genre :  Drama
Year :  2009
Length :  119 min.
Director :  Maren Ade
Country :  Germany
Birgit Minichmayr
Lars Eidinger
Release date  04 March 2017

En attente de classement
En attente de classement

subtitled in English

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