ABAJAN is the latest film from the young and gifted Iranian director Hatef Alimardani. A drama starring Fatemeh Motamed Aria, Saeed Aghakhani and Shabnam Moghadami, the film is set in the city of Zanjan in the 1980s and tells the story of emotional and familial challenges imposed on the central characters during the war years. Abajan was a major hit with audiences at this year's Fajr Film Festival, leading to multiple additional screenings. The performance by Fatemeh Motamed Aria, the most critically acclaimed Iranian actress of all time, is the film's jewel and has received many accolades since its premiere
Genre :  Drama
Year :  2017
Length :  90 min.
Director :  Hatef Alimardani
Country :  Iran
Fatemah Motamed-Aria
Mohammad Reza Ghaffari
Shabnam Toloui
Release date  30 April 2017

subtitled in English

Upcoming screenings 

Apr 30th 17:00
2017-04-23 03:30:03