Ehsan Abdipour steps into the filmmaking industry with a dramatic look at the subject of sanctions in “All Alone”, 2013, which earned him best directing award for creativity and original screenplay in Iran Cinema Festival. Shortly after, “Pop” was released in 2014, which has not yet been publicly screened in Iran.

In a career spanning for more than 5 years, Ehsan Abdipour, has spanned the dialects, music and themes of the southern part of Iran, known as Joonob. In his recent film, the "Take Off", Abdipour has used his personal history and familiarity with the southern culture, as a lens, through which, to project stories onto a more competitive Iranian screens. Abdipour’s impressive Filmography in the “Take Off” enables him to accompany the audiences with challenges of the plot, and emplacing them on a journey with young adventurous character, Shirzad, whose life has taken an unexpected twist, after a night out and the following unpredictable events. The ‘Take Off” owes part of its popularity to its stars, "Mostafa Zamani", "Pegah Ahangarani" and, also, "Reza Yazdani", whose local music drowns the viewer in the labyrinth of the storyline.
Year :  2017
Length :  88 min.
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subtitled in English

2017-07-21 03:30:01


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