Screenings of the film will be preceded by the short film HEDGEHOG'S HOME directed by Eva Cvijanović. A co-production between the National Film Board of Canada and Bonobostudio.

Twenty years in the future, Japan has an abundance of dogs. So many that they can't contain them all. The politicians decide to exile the canines to an island where trash is dumped. Rex, King, Duke, Boss and Chief form a band of alpha dogs who vow to find better food than what's left in the garbage. When a 12-year-old boy crashes his self-made airplane on the island to look for his lost dog Spot, the alpha dogs and the other dogs on the island team up to help him.
Original title :  Isle of Dogs
Genre :  Animated film
Year :  2018
Length :  101 min.
Director :  Wes Anderson
Country :  Germany / United States
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Général (déconseillé aux jeunes enfants)

English and Japanese
subtitled in French

2018-06-20 13:51:52


Wednesday 20 16:20
Thursday 21 16:20