About 100 kilometers from Kabul, Salim Shaheen, the most popular and prolific actor-producer of Afghanistan, came to screen some of his 110 films and shoot the 111th in a row. This journey, in which he has led his band of actors, all more eccentric and uncontrollable than any other, is the opportunity to meet this lover of cinema, who makes relentless Z Series films in a country in War for more than thirty years. Nothingwood delivers the story of a lifetime spent accomplishing a childhood dream.
Original title :  Nothingwood
Genre :  Documentary
Year :  2017
Length :  85 min.
Director :  Sonia Kronlund
Country :  France
Release date  23 March 2018

En attente de classement

French, English and Dari
subtitled in English

2018-02-22 03:30:03