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"FARGO is a crime tale in which somebody's foot is seen sticking out of a wood chipper. And the Coens can present that image so that its salient feature is the victim's white sock." - The New York Times

Jerry Lundegaard is a car salesman in Minneapolis who has landed himself deep into debt. Desperate for money, he hires two inept crooks to kidnap his own wife in the hope that her wealthy father will pay the ransom, giving him enough cash to pay off his associates and clear his debts. But Jerry's plan goes horribly wrong when the thugs kill a highway patrolman and two innocent bystanders, and the murders fall under the jurisdiction of Marge Gunderson; a pregnant but persistent police chief in rural Minnesota who starts to unravel the deadly scheme.

The Coens are at their clever best with this snowbound film noir, a crazily mundane crime story set in their native Midwest. Purportedly based on real events, it brings them as close as they may ever come -- not very -- to everyday life and ordinary people. Perversely, the frozen north even brings out some uncharacteristic warmth in these coolly cerebral film makers, although anyone seeking the milk of human kindness would be well advised to look elsewhere. The Coens' outlook remains as jaundiced as it was in "Blood Simple," the razor-sharp 1984 debut feature that the much more stylish and entertaining "Fargo" brings to mind. - The New York Times

FARGO is not only the Coen brothers' best film; it's also their funniest and their most accessible, one to find a place in the hearts even of those who usually find their obliqueness and understated whimsy hard to love. - The Telegraph
Original title :  Fargo
Genre :  Police drama
Year :  1996
Length :  97 min.
Director :  Joel Coen
Country :  United States
John Carroll Lynch
Steve Reevis
William H. Macy
Tony Denman
Steve Parker
Kristin Rudrud
Larry Brandenburg
Harve Presnell
Peter Stormare
Steve Buscemi
Frances McDormand
Cliff Rakerd
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subtitled in French

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