PARC AT MIDNIGHT: THEY LIVE - 30th anniversary

PARC AT MIDNIGHT: THEY LIVE - 30th anniversary
"John Carpenter’s film is a political and social thriller posing as an alien invasion sci-fi. Aliens have invaded earth and employ coded television transmissions to assist them in their desire to control the human population.

Accompanying these messages are what appear to be a precursor to the modern-day drones which now control our skies. The true conflict, not only within the film, but also surrounding it, is the controlling influence of television and how this conflicts with ideas of free will in the West.

One conflict addressed in They Live is that of film versus television. Beginning in the late 1970s, the competition for viewership supremacy actually brought about a change within filming methods, as most films would eventually be watched on a television. Television is better viewed with different aspect ratios and viewing qualities than film. According to film historian Emilie Bickerton, in order to retain home viewership after a film had been shown in theatres, films were preemptively shot to accommodate a television viewing experience.

A further issue was that television had a greater susceptibility to advertising and the demands of television executives in a manner that cinema – especially independent cinema – did not. They Live is a critique of both television and advertising, with Carpenter rallying against ratings hungry network executives and the insidious, controlling influence of advertising. It’s a work that combines science fiction and horror elements in which Carpenter makes a compelling statement relating to the real world – that film can be a weapon which fights the social coercion of television." -BRYAN HEMPEL, Little White Lies | Source:
Original title :  They Live
Genre :  Fantasy drama
Year :  1988
Length :  94 min.
Director :  John Carpenter
Country :  United States
Raymond St. Jacques
Peter Jason
Roddy Piper
Meg Foster
Keith David
George Flower
Release date  27 April 2018

13 ans + (horreur)


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