By Charlie Chaplin
With : Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Chester Conklin

This episodic satire of the Machine Age is considered Charles Chaplin's last "silent" film, although Chaplin uses sound, vocal, and musical effects throughout. Chaplin stars as an assembly-line worker driven insane by the monotony of his job. After a long spell in an asylum, he searches for work, only to be mistakenly arrested as a Red agitator. Released after foiling a prison break, Chaplin makes the acquaintance of orphaned gamine (Paulette Goddard) and becomes her friend and protector. He takes on several new jobs for her benefit, but every job ends with a quick dismissal and yet another jail term. During one of his incarcerations, she is hired to dance at a nightclub and arranges for him to be hired there as a singing waiter. He proves an enormous success, but they are both forced to flee their jobs when the orphanage officials show up to claim the girl. Dispirited, she moans, "What's the use of trying?" But the ever-resourceful Chaplin tells her to never say die, and our last image is of Chaplin and The Gamine strolling down a California highway towards new adventures. The plotline of Modern Times is as loosely constructed as any of Chaplin's pre-1915 short subjects, permitting ample space for several of the comedian's most memorable routines: the "automated feeding machine," a nocturnal roller-skating episode, and Chaplin's double-talk song rendition in the nightclub sequence. In addition to producing, directing, writing, and starring in Modern Times, Chaplin also composed its theme song, Smile, which would later be adopted as Jerry Lewis' signature tune

"This is an ambitious, accomplished and frequently uproarious comedy. The exuberant energy of Charlie's manic bolt-twisting at the factory, his hallucinatory heroics during the prison riot (prompted by someone slipping ëjoy powderí into a salt cellar), and his blindfold rollerskating balletics were remarkable for a 45 year-old who had been largely inactive for four years. Moreover, they proved that pantomime still had a place - even in an age of wisecracks and screwball." - Empire

"The picture is grand fun and sound entertainment, though silent. It's the old Chaplin at his best, looking at his best -- young, pathetic and a very funny guy." - Variety
Original title :  Modern Times
Genre :  Comedy, Drama, Family
Year :  1936
Length :  83 min.
Director :  Charlie Chaplin
Country :  USA
Charlie Chaplin
Stanley Sanford
Allan Garcia
Chester Conklin
Henry Bergman
Paulette Goddard
Hank Mann
Release date  28 April 2018



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