Stage director and comedian Christiane Pasquier along with psychanalyst Marie-Claire Lanctôt Bélanger will comment the notion of progress in the film after the screening.

Hilarious, dazzlingly inventive comedy in which Mr. Hulot tries to function in an unrecognizable Paris of modernistic glass-and-steel skyscrapers.
Original title :  Play Time
Genre :  Comedy
Year :  1967
Length :  124 min.
Director :  Jacques Tati
Country :  France
Jacques Tati
Yves Barsacq
Nicole Ray
Erika Dentzler
Valérie Camille
France Delahalle
France Rumilly
Rita Maïden
Billy Kearns
Barbara Dennek
Jacqueline Lecomte
2018-04-25 03:30:02


Saturday 28 10:00