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“Magic is everywhere.” Young American ballet student Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) arrives in Germany to train at the renowned Tanz dance academy, steps out of Freiburg airport and is instantly submerged in a surrealistic nightmare world of witchcraft, anxiety and blood in Dario Argento’s singular 1977 groundbreaker. A rapturously unique vision of horror, with a cast that includes Alida Valli, Joan Bennett, Stefania Casini and Udo Kier, SUSPIRIA is an operatic fever dream of the occult that doesn’t look, sound or feel like any film ever has. It is a perfect expressionistic storm, its innovative cinematography saturated with primary colours that all but drip from the screen, its gobsmacking art direction coming straight from the subconscious, conjured by a soundtrack that attacks with nightmarishly experimental sound design and an unforgettable Goblin score. In a triumph of emotion over logic, Argento overwhelms the senses while irrational happenings smash against what an audience may demand, throwing viewers onto such unfamiliar ground that they can only submit to the experience. And what an experience it is.

In his previous works, Argento had already displayed a spectacularly uncommon visual awareness, focusing on macro details and spatial relationships within shots with a sensitivity that would simply never come to most filmmakers, but nothing could have prepared audiences for SUSPIRIA. As well, the explicit violence that had become a staple component of his work exploded here with a vividness that was initially censored just about everywhere and is today every bit as shocking.

A Grand Guignol fairy tale from the darkest recesses of creative brilliance, SUSPIRIA remains one of the most visually and sonically breathtaking genre works in the history of film. Its complex aesthetics, so difficult to reproduce with accuracy on a non-photochemical medium, have resulted in a home video history that is itself the stuff of nightmares. For the past three years, Synapse Films has been working on the definitive restoration of Argento’s masterpiece, with the full cooperation, supervision and approval of its celebrated cinematographer Luciano Tovoli (TENEBRAE, THE PASSENGER), who spared no effort to accurately reproduce the film’s original Technicolor visuals. With all the love and obsession that this extraordinary film commands, SUSPIRIA has been restored from the original 35mm Italian camera negative and is presented with the legendary 4.0 discrete sound mix not heard since its 1977 theatrical release.»-Mitch Davis, FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL
Genre :  Horror
Year :  1977
Length :  98 min.
Country :  Italy
Release date  01 December 2017


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