Please write in your agenda April 5-14 : Cinema du Parc for your film festival THE 10th MONTREAL LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL. Latin America lives here.

Mexico is very popular at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as three Mexican directors in a row have either won the Best Director, the Best Foreign Film or the Best Film in the last years. Mexico is so pampered in the United States except with Donald Trump. Don’t miss ROMA, it was meant to be seen on the BIG SCREEN. Spain will also be featured with three films about Franco’s dictatorship, three eye-openers! This festival has a rule of action, openness to others and sharing. We hope that after reading these texts about our films, we will have aroused your desire to come and see them. The doors are wide open as always at your favorite independent cinema.

Regular admission price will apply. The Cinéma du Parc MOVIECARD is accepted.

The programme

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