As winter approaches, an exclusive Golf Club hires a Multinational biotech whose “revolutionary” fertilizer melts the snow, contaminating the water and the residents of Peacock Island, transformed into mutants. André (15) watches as the infection spreads, leaving him orphaned and in charge of his baby sister Annie. He meets Dan, a wannabe survivalist who has taken refuge in a high-end grocery with his daughter, Patricia, not so lucky. They embark on an adventure that takes them to the source of the contamination. In a race against the clock, they fight peacocks and mad scientists and finally the army itself…
Original title :  Brain Freeze
Genre :  Comedy, Horror
Year :  2021
Length :  91 minutes
Director :  Julien Knafo
Country :  Canada
Iani Bédard
Roy Dupuis
Marianne Fortier
Claire Ledru
Léonie Ledru
Anne-Élisabeth Bossé
Claudia Ferri
Mylène Mackay
Stéphane Crête
Louis-Georges Girard
Mahée Paiement
Simon Olivier Fecteau
Marie-Lyne Joncas
Jean-Pierre Bergeron
Release date  29 October 2021

En attente de classement

subtitled in English

2021-10-19 13:43:28