In Dear Audrey, filmmaker Jeremiah Hayes is a witness to the most important work of Martin Duckworth’s life – caring for his wife Audrey after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and helping his 45-year old daughter, Jacqueline, who has autism, maintain a relationship with her mom. Jacqueline has cut herself off from Audrey, unable to watch her own mother slowly inch towards death. Remembering their life through the lens of his second love of filmmaking, Martin’s commitment and grace in the face of Audrey’s illness is almost palpable. A celebrated filmmaker with 100 documentary films to his credit, as a cinematographer and director, Martin’s cinematic signature is beauty in the ordinary and the extraordinary. In Dear Audrey, Jeremiah will mirror this tradition in the poetry and pain of a life well lived.
Original title :  Dear Audrey
Genre :  Documentary
Year :  2021
Length :  89 minutes
Director :  Jeremiah Hayes
Country :  Canada
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subtitled in French

2022-08-18 15:17:44

Post-screening discussion

Wednesday 24 August  19:00
With director Jeremiah Hayes and filmmaker and main protagonist, Martin Duckworth.
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