Festival Brésil: LA VIE EST MAL FOUTUE (FST)

Lonely, frustrated, and unable to do anything that gives meaning to their lives, Vladimir, Clivia, Regina and Primo trace an absurd plan: to kidnap a millionaire. Yet, they have no experience with crime or any notion of what this kind operation entails. As they take practical steps forward, their fears and ambitions are revealed.
Year :  2017
Length :  107 min.
Director :  Julia Rezende
Country :  Brazil
Marcelo Valle
Fabiula Nascimento
Deborah Lamm
Silvio Guindane
Paulo Miklos
Milhem Cortaz
Zezeh Barbosa
Otávio Augusto
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subtitled in French

2018-10-19 03:30:02


Sunday 21 21:00