Festival Brésil: PLACE PARIS (FST)

Gloria is a lift attendant at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. She had an abusive father and her brother is an incarcerated drug dealer. Camila is a young Portuguese psychoanalyst who came to Brazil to develop a research on violence in the same university, where she begins to attend Gloria in her office. Camilla is a foreigner and feels displaced in the chaos of an unequal, hostile, constantly changing city. An initially improbable bond is established between them, and in a resounding case of countertransference between analyst and analyzed, this relationship goes beyond the clinical barriers.
Year :  2017
Length :  110 min.
Director :  Lucia Murat
Country :  Brazil
Grace Passô
Joana de Verona
Alex Brasil
Digão Ribeiro
Babu Santana
Marco Antonio Caponi
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subtitled in French

2018-10-19 03:30:02


Sunday 21 18:45
Tuesday 23 17:00