Festival Brésil: THE SECOND MOTHER (EST)

In presence of the film's actress Karine Teles

Val is a housekeeper working for a rich family in São Paulo. She’s been washing, cooking and cleaning for what seems like an eternity. She is also a caring confidante for 17-year-old Fabinho, whose mother never seems to have time for him. Val left her own daughter Jessica back at home far away; they haven’t seen each other for over ten years. All of a sudden the girl announces her arrival. A self-confident young woman, she intends to study architecture in São Paulo and refuses to accept the rules that exist between master and servant. Instead of sharing her mother’s humble room, she moves into the spacious guest bedroom. She helps herself to anything she fancies from the fridge and even frolics around in the pool with Fabinho and his friends. Bit by bit the once unshakable rules of the house begin to disintegrate. And in the midst of an argument between mother and daughter, Jessica’s well-kept secret comes to light…
Year :  2015
Length :  113 min.
Director :  Anna Muylaert
Country :  Brazil
Regina Casé
Michel Joelsas
Camila Márdila
Karine Teles
Lourenço Mutarelli
Helena Albergaria
Release date  25 October 2018

subtitled in English

Upcoming screenings 

Oct 25th 16:40
2018-10-19 03:30:03