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HAK_MTL takes a deep dive into the Montreal hacker community. For these young technologists, we are at an important decision point. Dismayed by the rapid rise of the surveillance society, these hackers turned activists, or hacktivists, are fighting against the slow death of democracy. For these motherboard insurgents, Big Brother exists and only a technological struggle can defeat him. They thus develop unusual projects, participate in international initiatives and try to promote the cause of online anonymity. Accompanying them in the urgency of their action, HAK_MTL explores Montreal’s contribution in the global fight for the democratization of the web and the preservation of privacy.
Original title :  HAK_MTL
Genre :  Documentary
Year :  2019
Length :  67 min.
Director :  Alexandre Sheldon
Country :  Canada
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Original multilingual version
subtitled in English

2019-05-25 03:30:02

Post-screening discussion

Thursday 23 May  19:00
Director Alexandre Sheldon
David Goulet, developer for Tor

Tor is a global, decentralized, layered computer network. It consists of a number of servers, called network nodes. This network anonymizes the origin of connections. This can be used to anonymize the source of a web browsing or instant messaging session. Tor is also developing a web browser based on Firefox, Tor Browser, as well as other applications specially modified to preserve the anonymity of their users.


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