Maracanã Stadium is lit up bright as day. It’s 2016, and all eyes are on the opening ceremonies of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. A few blocks away, Émilie B. Guérette is filming an entirely different world: sitting on a rooftop, kids watch the distant fireworks. They are perched atop a ruined federal building, controlled by drug lords. A hundred families live here in squalor, out of sight of the prestigious international visitors drawn to the games. The director patiently explores the building and its hidden corners. As we meet the occupants, a portrait emerges of a dark and forgotten Rio. Thanks to the director’s warm, attentive approach, L’autre Rio stands as a tribute to the dignity and resilience of some of Rio’s most vulnerable people.
Original title :  Autre Rio, L'
Genre :  Documentary
Year :  2017
Length :  88
Director :  Émilie B. Guérette
Country :  Canada
Release date  26 October 2018

En attente de classement

subtitled in English

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