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Beanpole (STA)
In 1945 Leningrad, reduced to rubble by the Second World War, a young woman, Iya, works in a hospital tending to soldiers wounded in battle. Tragedy strikes when her friend Masha returns from the front. Through an austere yet intimate lens – no surprise given his first film Closeness – Kantemir Balagov tackles the postwar fallout with fascinating historical exactitude. The 28-year-old filmmaker’s devastating second feature is brutal and provocative, both a well-handled study of female friendship and an unforgettable cinematic experience
Kantemir Balagov
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THE ROOM is a sincere attempt by actor, director, writer, and producer Tommy Wiseau to create a romantic tragedy. Fortuantely it was so poorly made that it has attained cult status in LA, where monthly midnight screenings have been held for the last few years and audience participation has become a tradition.

Down in the swamp with films like Plan 9 from Outer Space and Troll 2, THE ROOM is so bad that it is among the top 10 bestselling comedies on, and has even made it onto Wikipedia’s List of films considered the worst. You will find this movie so awful that you will want to watch it again and again.

• Is this the worst movie ever made? The Room is so unfeasibly bad, it has become a cult hit (The Guardian UK).
• “The Citizen Kane of bad movies” (Entertainment Weekly)
• “a bad – shockingly bad – romantic tragedy” (Time Out New York).

• “prompts most of its viewers to ask for their money back – before even 30 minutes have passed” (Variety).

Most film-makers have nightmares about reviews like these, but they’ve worked wonders for The Room, a movie whose transcendent awfulness has made it a cult phenomenon and an audience-participation fixture along the lines of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Tommy Wiseau
L'assistante (STF)
Jane (Julia Garner), a recent college graduate and aspiring film producer, has recently landed her dream job as a junior assistant to a powerful entertainment mogul. Her day is much like any other assistant's. But as Jane follows her daily routine, she grows increasingly aware of the abuse that insidiously colors every aspect of her work day, an accumulation of degradations against which Jane decides to take a stand, only to discover the true depth of the system into which she has entered.
Kitty Green
Original multilingual version subtitled in English
13 ans + (violence)
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The Traitor (STA)
THE TRAITOR tells the true story of Tommaso Buscetta, the man who brought down the Cosa Nostra. In the early 1980's, an all out war rages between Sicilian mafia bosses over the heroin trade. Tommaso Buscetta, a made man, flees to hide out in Brazil. Back home, scores are being settled and Buscetta watches from afar as his sons and brother are killed in Palermo, knowing he may be next. Arrested and extradited to Italy by the Brazilian police, Buscetta makes a decision that will change everything for the Mafia: he decides to meet with Judge Giovanni Falcone and betray the eternal vow he made to the Cosa Nostra.
Marco Bellocchio
Parasite (STA)
The whole family of Ki-taek is unemployed, and is very interested in the lifestyle of the rich Park family. One day, their son succeeds in being recommended to teach private English at the Park. It is the beginning of an uncontrollable gear, from which no one will truly come out unscathed...
Bong Joon-ho

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