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French subtitled in English
En attente de classement
Release date :
04 December 2020
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Souterrain (STA)
Maxime, a young man from Val d’Or, works at a gold mine. As he struggles with the problems in his life, he begins questioning his definition of masculinity. Through the close-knit brotherhood of his fellow miners, he finds the support he needs to overcome the lingering guilt that prevents him from being happy. Then one day, an underground explosion shakes the mine. As part of the rescue team, Maxime descends into the depths, fully determined to bring every one of his surviving co-workers back to the surface alive.
English subtitled in French
Release date :
11 December 2020
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In New York City in the late ‘90s, Joanna (Margaret Qualley) is a young aspiring writer who lands a day job at J.D. Salinger’s literary agency. While her eccentric, old-fashioned boss Margaret (Sigourney Weaver) assigns her to answer Salinger’s voluminous fan mail, Joanna struggles to find her own voice.